OUCH! Wu Tang Affiliate Chops Off His Penis & Jumps Off Of Building In Suicide Attempt!!

This isn’t funny but what the heck was going threw this man head cutting off his own penis? At first I didn’t want to believe it I was like no way maybe his girlfriend caught his butt cheating. But after a little careful research found that he did it to himself O_o . He had to be on some kind of drugs or something because never have I ever heard a MAN cutting off his OWN penis unless of course he wanted a split instead of the d*** LOL. Then jumping off of the 2nd floor of a building like what the hell? Then you STILL don’t die… Now you have to live with the limp penis and you may have to use one of those machines old guys use to pump up their penis to get hard when it’s time for sex that’s of course if they FOUND his penis smh Read below for this wild story!





A rapper affiliated with the Infamous Hiphop Group The Wu Tang Clan was immediately rushed to the hospital Earlier today after he cut of his penis! Yes CUT OFF HIS PENIS and then jumps off of the second floor balcony in what police officials said was a suicide attempt. Sources at the scene says police were called to the North Hollywood apartment at about 1 am and found Christ Bearer (Andre Johnson) on the sidewalk injured.


Christ Bearer is a member of hiphop group Northstar a group that was discovered by the Wu Tang Clan. Two of his group members that he also lives with told TMZ that they were there early this morning when Bearer all of sudden without any warning at all cut off his penis and jumps off of the balcony. They also tell TMZ they were not on any hard drugs that would cause him to do such thing. Which is way too bizarre for me to even believe who cuts off their penis without any warning and just runs and jumps off of the balcony? WITHOUT BEING ON DRUGS? REALLY? The two group members states they rushed downstairs and Christ Bearer had already jumped up and began screaming incoherently. This story doesn’t sound right if they had no drugs in them. Tell us what you guys think of this? This is way too wild! LOL


Rapper Trina HOT like fish grease about French Montana & Khloe Possibly Dating

photo 2-15 


It’s not looking too good for 29 year old rapper French Montana in relationship favor with reality show star Khloe Kardashian. As we know him and Khloe has been spotted together a lot lately and rapper Trina can’t stand to see it anymore she is hotter than fish grease about it, why you ask? Well sources close to the rapper says French and Trina were not official but they had been living together in New Jersey and talking a lot on a daily basis up until a few ago when he went to work on his new album in LA (Well we now know that his album isn’t all that he’s been working on LOL ) and is devastated about it.


photo 1-15What also probably has rapper Trina pissed is she is friends supposedly with Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian and have been spotted partying together. They also both share mutual best friends R&B Singer Kelly Rowland & Celebrity Hostess & Reality Star LaLa Anthony (Basket ball player Carmelo Anthony’s wife) but you know how that Hollywood life goes you never know who’s being your genuine friend and who’s doing it for a photo-Op. Trina also isn’t the only woman who’s feeling played by Montana his wife is also let’s not forget ( SEE MY POST ON FRENCH MONTANA ESTRANGED WIFE WARNS KHLOE KARDASHIAN FRENCH MONTANA USING KHLOE? ). 

This is seeming like a pattern for rapper French Montana and we’re now going with Khloe’s friends he isn’t the guy for her. Will he do Khloe like the others? Will she be left for another woman? What do you guys think about this? Leave us a comment below!

The Game Owes Me Millions for Kicking my Ass!!

So for those who dont know much about this let me catch you up. The rapper and bully 40 Glocc aka MR TOUGH GUY got into a beef with rapper The Game and it became physical. The Game beat him up and recorded it then leaked the footage to Youtube. After being embarrassed and humiliated because he’s no longer looked at as a tough guy because he got beat down 40 Glocc files a law suit against him. When he first filed he didnt specify how much he wanted. But now we do, Glocc just filed legal documents wanting 4.54 million and TMZ has found what seems to be the break down for the 4.5 million dollars 40 Glocc feels he’s OWED. I find it pretty funny that someone who went around doing this to others is now hurt because its happen to him its called KARMA! 

Here’s The Breakdown….

— $500,000 in pain and suffering
— $500,000 in emotional distress
— $750,000 in lost earnings
— $2 million for punitive damages
— $25,000 in medical expenses
— Various other stuff