28 Yr Old Homeless Woman Dumps Her NEWBORN BABY in the TRASH CAN & Left For DEAD!!





How cruel can you be to have a child an innocent young soul and just wrap them up and leave them for dead. This story is heart breaking and as a mother hearing such disturbing news I hope they throw this monster of a human under the prison and never release her. It’s women in the world that cannot have children who wish for a child, then you have woman like this that is able to have children just throw a child away LITERALLY like it is nothing! Please read the story below with caution because its beyond disturbing.


28 year old Sharon disgusting Ferguson a homeless woman in Greenville, North Carolina gave birth to a baby boy on the street, Then after Ferguson wrapped him in a plastic bag and dropped him into a garbage can with the hopes that he die.


On Monday, April 21 at 4:30 pm authorities were called to a home in a Greenville residential neighborhood. Residents reported that they found pools of blood on the sidewalk. After a thorough investigation of the area authorities stopped and searched a nearby trashcan, where they found a gruesome discovery. Inside a pink blanket stuffed inside a plastic bag there was a new born barely alive.

Officer Jonathan Bragg states to WYFF  “We found what looked to be blood outside of a trash can, and a little bit on the ground, At that point we started digging around and found the newborn inside the trash can.”  


Neighbors on the scene says that the new born was still moving when Police officials pulled him out of the trash can. Although the baby was reported in critical condition The South Carolina Department of Social Services announced on April 22 that the baby was in good condition and expected to survive. 


I’m so happy that this baby will be okay and I hope that she is charged with Life without parol because she doesn’t deserve to live life normally. Its many alternatives that you can take if you’re not ready to become a parent like condoms, plan b, adoption, &  sergeancy. You don’t have to abandon or endanger your child if you’re not ready. I hope that this child finds a loving family who will love him unconditionally and he never finds out the truth when he gets older.




After police found the newborn inside of the garbage can, they then arrested Sharon Ferguson at a nearby intersection.

Sharon admitted to giving birth to the baby boy “on or around” April 21, and dumping it in the trashcan. She has been charged with attempted murder and is now being held on $125,000 bail. A spokesperson for the family told reporters that Ferguson suffered from a mental illness, and that her homeless status was a very sad situation. Sharon’s family is also planning on asking to lower her charges from attempted murder, due to her mental instability.


Her family is as screwed up as she is! That was an innocent BEING who didn’t ask to be here. If she can have sex, carry a child, deliver it, wrap it up in a blanket & throw it away she can’t be that mental and she deserves to serve the time of ATTEMPTED MURDER at the HIGHEST degree! Her family cared so much about her why is she homeless? They’re clearly heartless and have no compassion just like her because they abandoned her now she abandoned her child. Apple don’t fall far from the tree they say! What do you guys think? Leave us a comment below!