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Instagram Deletes Rihanna TOPLESS images!!!

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Rihanna Releases TOPLESS Images From Her Sexy Cover Issue of Lui Magazine!



Rihanna Goes TOPLESS for French Men’s Magazine Lui Magazine… Today Rihanna took to instagram releasing 4 of her pictures from her cover issue of Lui Magazine where she is COMPLETELY TOPLESS & posing very sexy with what she’s says was the only rule TAN LINES on her gorgeous bronze brazilian tan!



photo 3photo 1photo 2photo 4





She Then put her Instgram on private after releasing the images… what’s that about? We’re not shocked at this bad gal behavior of ri ri’s I mean it is ri ri she’s always releasing sexy pictures via instagram of herself and she’s been known to ooze sex!  So tell us what you guys think in the comments below!



Rita Ora Talks $145 Million Net Worth, Ex Boy friend Rob Kardashian, Beef With Rihanna, Allege Affair With Jay Z & Much More With Hot Radio Show The Breakfast Club



I guess the sexy British Rita Ora got sick of the rumors about her alleged love affair with her boss Jay z, The beef between her and rihanna, Her ex Rob Kardashian putting her on blast for sleeping with ” OVER 20 different men” so she stopped by hit radio show The Breakfast Club to spills all the tea and do some clearing up!


While sitting with the Breakfast Club crew the 23-year-old, who hasn’t made her mark in the US, revealed how she’s been able to rack up over $145 million in net worth so far (yessss honey I love a QUEEN) , She included  that she’s made this by her endorsement deal with Adidas, her Ora multi-services company,a few smart stock investments, chain of restaurants in London,property holdings,  and her very own soccer team in Kosovo called FC Prishtina. So miss Ora have been silently stacking cup!

She also answered what all inquiring minds have been wanting to know about her rumored breakups and affairs, beefs & speaking on the known fact that she dropped out of school

Check out the interview highlights below!


ritaandrobOn Rob blasting her for supposedly having sex with “over 20 men” while they were together:

I’m still waiting. I’ll let you know when I do have sex with that many people. But I didn’t.

On people blaming Rob Kardashian’s weight increase on their breakup:

Why is everyone blaming that ” on me” ? Look, I don’t want to talk about this too much because people move onward and upward. But you know, it was a phase. It was a moment in my life. And you know, now it’s onward and upward.

What I think is that people react to things differently and like to express their feelings in certain ways. I don’t tend to use social media. So when that whole situation happened, silence for me is the biggest form of flattery. And I love to keep it moving unless I need to say something.

I mean, all I could say is ‘cool.’ Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dude. Let’s not talk about it too much.


rihandrita On Beef  With Rihanna & They’re Comparisons of One Another:


First of all, I love her. I think she is dope. And all these kind of comparisons, it’s kind of pretty flattering. But I know it’s not that. Being from London, there is only so much that you can learn about this person from this side of the pond. But it’s better to be compared to [Rihanna] than being compared to Shrek or somebody.

It’s rumors. It’s all rumors. Good thing is though, I’m doing my own thing, she’s doing her own thing. We don’t need to watch what each other is doing. We just do our own thing.


Jay_Z_and_Rita_OraOn the rumors that she had an love affair with Jay Z:

Don’t you dare disrespect Beyoncé like that ever again in your entire life.. You should know better than that. That’s just straight up disrespect, you can’t even go there. That’s not even a question.


On how she made a net worth of $145 million for herself:

Well, I don’t know. I guess I always wanted to invet since I was young. I have really influential [people], my dad’s friends are really kind of smart so I’ve always been around  them and strategizing.



On Rumors of dating Bruno Mars:


All I can say is Bruno is an amazing human being… It’s about the connection. The energy. The vibe!


On what kind of things she likes to use in the bedroom:

I like a whip… I like to, you know, unexpected stuff. A tiny bit of pain.


On why she has success overseas and not the U.S.


I think I haven’t spent enough time here. Honestly, I never released an album in the States before, ever. It was just one single I released out here and I think it got the buzz and got people bubbling about me. But this album for me is more about telling people Rita is Rita. And I think that was missing.


I didn’t do any TV shows and I didn’t do a lot of radio interviews. And I feel like I focused a lot of my time in the markets that did work. This time around I just wanted to tour the states. I was like, ‘Look, I want to release an album out there because I want to see the world, I want to see the people.’ I get inspired by you guys all the time. I love your culture, I love your food, I love how you guys dress.

On dropping out of school to make music that later got her noticed by Jay-Z:

I dropped out of school when I was 15. I started working in a sneaker shop so I could pay my way because my mom and dad were really disappointed because they are very traditional. Albanians are very traditional background so I didn’t speak for them for a few years so I kind of had to find my way. And then I got enough money to travel and play guitars and go around bars and sing. I would sing Destiny’s Child songs. Anything that anybody would listen to.

I needed to sing. I started writing some songs for other people. And one thing led to another because the music industry is tiny in the U.K. and then people started hearing my name and then it got to Jay Z.


On what you can expect from her album:

I’m a huge fan of Hip-Hop and U.K. Hip-Hop and U.S. Hip-Hop and it’s like completely different. It’s a culture that I’ve always been around growing up. I was always the white girl in my clique.

This album for me is going to be a surprise. Because we’ve got like DJ Mustard ( hot producer) on there which I wouldn’t usually do. And I got Diplo on there.

And there is stuff on there that people are going to be like, ‘alright, alright.’ So I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.













From Changing Fashion To Changing Diapers Tom Ford Being a new Dad



Tom Ford is a hands on father ( Which makes him even more sexier than he already is LOL). Back in October 2012 the designer announced a surprising new addition to his family, baby boy Alexander John Buckley Ford and has said that he does everything for his son, including changing his diapers.

(“Of course, all the time.”)

“I feed him in the morning, I change his diaper, I dress him, I play with him, and I have a good two or three hours before I go to the office – just me and Jack,” he said, referring to his son by his nickname: (“He has a very long, fancy name – but I call him Jack.”)

The designer also announced his return to the international fashion week schedule and his second largest production of 2013. Tom held his first catwalk show since 2004 last month in London that R&B Pop Bad girl Rihanna inspired a lot of. “Someone I dress a lot and who I admire and adore is Rihanna, and thinking about a lot of looks I was like: ‘Would Rihanna wear this? Would Rihanna wear this?’ It was interesting because I hadn’t done a runway collection in a really long time and it makes you think in a completely different way.” 






Rihanna In A Tom Ford Crocodile Form Fitting Gown At The MetGala  



Rihanna million dollar donation


Another random act of kindness! I love seeing celebrities giving back to those in need! R&B bad girl Rihanna has opened her heart this holiday season with a $1million-plus donation to a hospital in her hometown Barbados.

According to E! News, Rihanna gave $1.75 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown in honor of her late grandmother, Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite, whom she called “Gran Gran Dolly.”

“This was my way of giving back to Barbados, in a form of philanthropy, by assisting the QEH in its continued modernization program,” Rihanna said in a statement to E!. “I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done to save lives, or at least extend them.”

With the 24-year-old’s donation, the hospital’s radiotherapy department has been able to purchase much needed medical equipment. It is now called the Clara Braithwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine in memory of Rihanna’s grandmother, who passed away in June.