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    Chris Brown  and Drake may be burning up the charts but their flame has died that they once had with singer Rihanna. The sexy island gal is so over them that she’s stated she is no longer dating guys in … Continue reading

Chris Brown Still Loves Karrueche: Rihanna Don’t want him friends with Her


BESIDES loving and being in a committed relationship with his BEAU Rihanna, Chris says he still loves his ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran. ALSO, he doesn’t want her dating any musicians in the future. States Rihanna Don’t want him being friends with her.  Read on for THE FULL STORY!

Well Chris Brown still loves Karrueche and wants her to be successful in life. BUT there’s ONE thing Chris doesn’t want her doing and that’s dating other MUSICIANS. Is that even fair after what he did to her?

In an interview with Power 105 “The Breakfast Club” on Monday Chris opened up about his feelings for karrueche and admitting it would be weird if she date another musician.

Karrueche Dating Another Artist?

“Yeah, that would be a little close to home, At the end of the day I think it should be a respect boundary, saying that he wouldn’t want Karrueche to “s**t in my backyard.”

Well in my opinion it sounds like he’s being selfish. Why should she still respect you and filter or rearrange her dating life for you after you disrespected her? But continue…

Chris Brown Still Loves Karrueche

“She was my friend threw it all, It was a friendship more than a relationship. I still love her, but at the end of the day, I got love for her. She gone always be my homie!”

How does RiRi feel about this? well, Chris States she doesn’t want he and karrueche friends but she has to understand when he had no one karrueche was there and he can’t just say forget her and they are also business partners in a clothing line “the kill”.

Tell me what you think my babes about this, is chris being fair? Do you think he’s maturing? Leave us a comment telling us what you guys think!