The Game Owes Me Millions for Kicking my Ass!!

So for those who dont know much about this let me catch you up. The rapper and bully 40 Glocc aka MR TOUGH GUY got into a beef with rapper The Game and it became physical. The Game beat him up and recorded it then leaked the footage to Youtube. After being embarrassed and humiliated because he’s no longer looked at as a tough guy because he got beat down 40 Glocc files a law suit against him. When he first filed he didnt specify how much he wanted. But now we do, Glocc just filed legal documents wanting 4.54 million and TMZ has found what seems to be the break down for the 4.5 million dollars 40 Glocc feels he’s OWED. I find it pretty funny that someone who went around doing this to others is now hurt because its happen to him its called KARMA! 

Here’s The Breakdown….

— $500,000 in pain and suffering
— $500,000 in emotional distress
— $750,000 in lost earnings
— $2 million for punitive damages
— $25,000 in medical expenses
— Various other stuff