Lady Gaga’s LEAKED UnPhotoshopped Images From Her Versace Ad Campaign!! (Im Confused)


Well Today In Fashion News Lady Gaga Releases Her Unretouched Photos From Her Versace Ad Campaign… O_o  

As a model I know that photoshop can sometimes be our savior and none of us are perfect! But this is just flat out wrong and disturbing. You have young teenage girls making themselves throw up to look like these women, when all they don’t even look like that. Im confused very confused as to why they went as far as to photoshopping her makeup on. I was amazed by these pictures totally STUNNED actually. Her ad actually was the reason I went to buy the Vogue issue it was promoted in. Now I want my money back. I never would expect that Versace would have such lack and effort into their photoshoots for their ads & who’s so strict and elite with the models they select to advertise their products would even allow this. But I forgot it’s about the who’s who now a days. I don’t understand these pictures Gaga and I’m very disappointed. You guys let us know what you think Leave us a comment below!

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