V. Stiviano says Sterling Is NOT my BOYFRIEND!



Now that it’s known that Clippers Owner Donald Sterling has a wife his suppose girlfriend sources are now saying that V is not his girlfriend! Saying their relationship in fact was and always have been strictly professional. Supposedly Stiviano is claiming she worked as Sterlings “archivist” along with working for a clippers charity for the pass 4 years.

She isn’t titling their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend but Donald’s estranged wife Shelly Sterling is saying different. In fact sources close to Shelly says she has no doubt in her mind that Donald and V were dating.

Ok so now that it has came out that this loser has a wife who’s also caucasian her people want to cover it up like she wasn’t his sugar baby? … if you heard the recording of the conversation NOTHING about the way they were speaking to one another gave me just a professional relationship because she was calling the old racist coon “honey” “sweetie” & “baby” & asking how could she fix this and what can she do and he replied with “nothing all you want to do is fight” & asking V “who would want to live with a woman who always wants to fight” ?  It’s also been reported that he’s given her 4 expensive luxury cars and if you take a peek at her instagram (@vstiviano) you will see all the expensive chanel handbags and hermes birkin bags I’m sorry but a archivist and working for a charity doesn’t pay you enough for several hermes birkin bag and several chanel bags in the large size. Also your boss isn’t going to care what you post to your Instagram. I’m happy that old racist fart got used and sued and she ruined his life of income HE DESERVES IT. So V girl dont be ashamed to say you were his mistress and sugar baby girl none of us knew he had ol shelly girl! I also hope she gets EVERY DIME she’s suing him for!  Take peek at some of her instagram post below!