Miley Cyrus Hospitalization Is Really Serious! Will There Be More Canceled Shows?




This is NO BUENO!


Sources close to Pop Singer Miley Cyrus have EXCLUSIVELY spilled that Miley Recent hospital admission is far worse than what she’s putting on! The Source says that even though Miley’s been really sick, she has STILL showed up to her meet and greets for her fans EVERY NIGHT Talking about an artist dedicated to her fans ( I adore 🙂 ) she’s DEDICATED!


So, The Twerkin Pop Princess decided to take an antibacterial medication by the name of Keflex that turns out to be a medication Miley’s ALLERGIC to and the poor girl had no clue!


The Sources also states: “She’s suffered an EXTREME allergic reaction. She’s still in the hospital. She has a full-body rash, her throat is still hugely inflamed and she feels awful. She’s having a team of doctors and specialists look after her. “


They also says that it’s possible that more shows could be canceled unfortunately! We wish Miley a speedy recovery & I hope that everyone understands that her health comes first! And I know ya’ll don’t want that rash or maybe ya’ll do because you guys may love her that much but uh uh chile! Rest up Miss Twerkaholic we need ya! XOXO 

Drake Releases New Song “Girls Love Beyonce”: What do you think?


Drake just released his new track titled ” Girls Love Beyonce” featuring artist James Fauntleroy Drake sings of his dating issues and his search for a real woman “who will help me think of someone besides myself” and “someone I leave the front door with cause we don’t want to hide no more.” Singer and songwriter James Fauntleroy comes in with a hook from Destiny Child’s “Say My name” track. Im feeling the track it’s DIFFERENT and has meaning something i like about all of his music. Being a drake fan since his “Comeback Season” days im happy to see him back to his roots. Tell me what you guys think in comments below! XoXo