June 8, 2011, I was blessed with my greatest blessing my son Gionni. During my pregnancy everything started off well and normal until I got into my 5th month of pregnancy I had many complications, To begin my son was too long to grow inside my little body (I was only 5’0 125 pounds at the time) so he curled into a ball with his feet turned inward to feel comfortable in my belly. Which caused him to have a foot defect by the name of bilateral club foot where the child feet grow inward. I was so stressed out after finding out my baby boy had a birth defect and not knowing the cause of it until after giving birth to him. My doctor had me coming in every week for heart beat checks because many babies who are diagnosed with bilateral club foot either have other defects or have short term life span of a year.


So my stress relief was food, I laid around a lot and just ate EVERYTHING I craved and more. I LOVED soda, fried foods, every sweet treat, I barely ate veggies etc, my family and friends gave me what ever I wanted because if they didn’t like most pregnant women I was hell on heels LOL. I was NOT active enough while pregnant & I did not exercise. As mothers we all know you are suggested by doctors to eat healthy and maintain a certain amount of active activity when pregnant. When I was about 7 months pregnant I went to the doctor for my regular check up and he told me that I needed to begin a healthy diet and a lot more physical activity such as pregnancy yoga and water aerobics because I was gaining weight too fast. I didn’t listen I thought ” Oh I’m pregnant I’m supposed to gain weight and be fat,” until One day I was walking in the mall with my son’s father, I was close to my 8th month of pregnancy and my feet swelled up so bad I couldn’t walk, they were burning and hurting so bad. My feet had always swelled up pretty bad but again I thought “When you’re pregnant your feet are supposed to swell like this” but this time it was unbearable.  I called my mother she told me to soak them in Epson Salt and cold water and go to the doctor the next day.

I did as she told me I went to the doctor the next day. I told him my symptoms and what was going on so he ran a few test on me. As we waited in the examination room my doctor came back in and told me” Well Ms Moreland it looks like what you have here is a case of gestational diabetes also known as pregnancy diabetes” my heart fell on the ground all I could think of was my son and how diabetes affects your pregnancy. My doctor gave me a diabetes diet that I followed and place me on bed rest for 2 weeks.


I had gained 75 pounds ( now at 200 pounds) by the time it was time to deliver my baby boy. My delivery was very hard my son was 3 days late my water wouldn’t break so my doctor ordered Pitocin to induce my labor I did get a epidural to help the pain. When it was time to push in my delivery the weight gain and the lack of no activity and stress really showed, it was so hard for me to push and I got tired so easily that my son got stuck in the birth canal too long my amazing doctor Dr Cacciatore came in and got him out with his bare hands. My son came out not breathing because he had swallowed a bowel movement and his head had swell to the size of a child’s beach ball. I couldn’t hold him as soon as he came out because they had to rush him into the NICU. He had to have tubes in his lungs to drain the bowel movement and was on a feeding tube for about 4 days. After a week they allowed me to bring him breast milk I pumped and they fed him threw the tube. After 2 weeks of being in the NICU and passing all examinations my baby boy was released to us. After his health was 100% I had to work on mine I was now at 187 pounds my rib cage had swell and been inflamed because my excessive weight gain and my son’s position while he was in my belly I had been diagnosed with permanent sciatic nerve damage. I had very low self esteem I mean who wouldn’t who’s been 125 pounds her entire life now 187 pounds. I HAD TO GET THE WEIGHT OFF. I decide to share my tips and secrets on my weight loss because I know there are a lot of mommies and women who share my story or have gained weight and wants to lose it and feel as though its impossible. Im living proof that it possible! Im here to help and to guide and inspire you all to do great and be a healthier sexier YOU! LETS GET HEALTHY & SEXY LADIES!!