Hoopin’ With Giuseppe


Fellas lets kick off the playoffs with these Giuseppe music and sports inspired sneakers. It’s strawberry-red lizard print with inserts in black patent leather and calfskin. The basketball style net and motifs, accessorized with earphone laces, create a swag in every step. Retail at: $1,295 & also come in white and black!! Here’s the link http://www.giuseppezanottidesign.com/checkout/cart.asp?tskay=96745C45





” I spot Chaos “


Glamour Model Amazin Amie glammed up last night wearing her fabulous Chaos Leggings by Kyra Chaos
Hair in a neat classy bun with a black pump last night with her BFF model & vixen Model bubbles who’s rocking a gorgeous tight fitted black one piece decordon body suit by Delicia Cordon.

To get both ladies looks go order amie’s leggings at http://www.chaosleggings.com & http://www.decordon.com for bubbles body suit!