Chicago Bulls Gives Respect To Miami Heat’s Streak

 A little trash talk before facing the Miami Heat has not yielded desirable results of late. So i guess the Chicago Bulls is going with the “kill them with kindness” method.

The Bulls, who will try to end the Heat’s 27-game winning streak Tomorrow at the United Center, have made sure to give the defending NBA champions the utmost respect. 

“It’s an impressive streak, Obviously, they’re playing at a high level every night. It’s not an easy thing to do in this league.” says point guard Kirk Hinrich. 

Not everyone is happy or respecting The Heat’s winning streak, Bostin Celtics guard Jason Terry tried recently said that he was “not really impressed” with the Heat and their streak (sounds like a hater if you ask me LOL ). When the Heat and Celtics met a few days later last week, Terry was on the ground looking up at a powerful Lebron James dunk that will go down in history. The Heat floored the Celtics keeping the winning streak alive! The Heat’s winning streak is now the second longest in NBA history and is just six away from matching the NBA record of 33 straight by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1971-72. Im a lebron fan have been for about 5 years now and im very happy to see his success he’s worked hard and has grown as a player. Keep up the work heat nation!