Beyoncé’s Beach Body Bombshell Waves & Bright Stained Lipgloss



After giving us all kind of life these days with edgy high ponytails and contoured to the makeup Gods Bey has returned to her ever so classic all american bombshell beach waves denim jeans and a white T shirt last night photoed leaving her office in New York City. Her glowing radiant skin and bold stained bright lips meshed so well with her untamed effortless beach waves. I absolutely love when she looks so casually put together with out any effort taken place.


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Teenage College Girl Who Was Told She’d Never Be Able To Speak Performs A Breathtaking Cover Of Jhene Aiko “The Worst”

” When God Speaks, You don’t have a choice in the matter You have to Cease. ” 



19 year old Amber Simon Chinn singer was told as a new born that she would never be able to breathe on her own but fate has a different plan for her. Amber is now speaking breathing and singing hope and faith into existence.


Amber was born with Left Craniosynostosis a defect that affects the joints between the skull bones and causes them to close permanently. She wasn’t expected to breathe on her own let alone speak after undergoing such dramatic surgery at the young age of 6 months. The doctors informed her parents that it was a very low chance that Amber would fully recover and an even more lesser chance that she would be able to use her airways successfully without undergoing a procedure called a tracheotomy. But Amber’s life served a far more important purpose here with us today she is blowing our minds with her incredible vocals! Her video of her singing a remix she wrote to Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”  at a friend’s graduation party has went viral and after only 2 weeks of being posted via Facebook and youtube she has garnered 3 million views! She says she is humbled by the attention she is receiving “It’s hard to grasp it all but it’s pretty fun. No, I never thought it would get this far. I have confidence, but I never thought me sitting by the pool, a random video would be so viral.”  She currently attends SUNY Buffalo State College and is working with local producers. Check Out Her Video below its MIND BLOWING!

We Need A Revolution !

helly luv


My body grew chills as I looked at her pictures from scenes of her music video in regards to saving her country from the Isis war. Her strength and power to bring peace and love for all of the middle east and around the world because violence and terrorism is everywhere even right here in the U.S. .  Helly’s stand for us all to stand as one for equality just moved me. I hadn’t even watched the video or listen to the song but after watching those clips and clips from her interviews globally I grew to love her in an instant. Not only is she strikingly beautiful but she’s also a woman who exudes confidence, value, peace, independence, and LOVE.


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.22.04 PM

26 year old Kurdish Singer and Humanitarian Helly Luv sent a message to the terrorist of ISIS in her new song and very graphic music video called “Revolution”. Luv’s lyrics struck chills and some nerves as she marched with soldiers and citizens reciting her lyrics ” Rise up cause we’re so much stronger as one Breaking the silence as loud as a gun Brothers and sisters we all come from one Different religions we share the same blood. ”  She Filmed the video in Iraqi Kurdistan and now has over a MILLION views. In just two weeks after she released it had hit a million. In the video Helly walks up to the armor truck very bad ass in metallic gold pumps a army styled jumpsuit fit perfect to her curvaceous body and a hijab draped around her head with gold jewelry from head to toe. She then holds a sign up in front of it reading “STOP THE VIOLENCE”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.22.59 PM


ISIS Terrorist Has even struck death threats at her for her graphic music videos and power in her words. Saying her words don’t match up to her music videos because she standing and dancing with AK 47’s and soldiers and things are blowing up and she’s making gun gestures as if she promotes the war and fighting. But that won’t stop this beautiful fighter for peace in the middle east. Helly told Channel 4 news that the vision behind her music videos is “I need to show the truth of what is going on here,I don’t want to sugar-coat it – I have to show what happened here and what is still happening here.” I couldn’t agree more because our media outlets sugar coats war all of the time or give us a little then stop speaking about it a week later so that we can forget whats going on.  I love what helly is doing I love to see women standing and being powerful in this world. A woman with a powerful peaceful voice is always good in my book. CHECK OUT HER VIDEO FOR HER SONG “REVOLUTION” BELOW.