Jalen Ramsey Shoves AJ Green, AJ Green Goes Into BEAST MODE

    It was a very intense day in the NFL Sunday after multiple fights broke out in 3 different games yesterday. But one fight has been the main topic because of how crazy it escalated. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver … Continue reading

Mia Khalifa Goes IN On AJ Green ” YO **** YOU AJ GREEN”

      Former adult film star Mia Khalifa goes off on Bengals player AJ Green via Twitter. After he put Jaguars Jalen Ramsey in a head lock and punching him multiple times in his helmet.  First let me catch … Continue reading

Rihanna and French Beau Karim Benzema Relationship Is Getting Serious: She Wants Him To Meet Her Family

    Chris Brown  and Drake may be burning up the charts but their flame has died that they once had with singer Rihanna. The sexy island gal is so over them that she’s stated she is no longer dating guys in … Continue reading

USC’s Star Defensive Back Josh Shaw Named In A Burglary…. By His Girlfriend?

Is this the case of what Chris Brown would say ” These H*es ain’t Loyal” ? USC’s star Corner Back Josh Shaw name has come up in a Burglary that took place Saturday night.   Someone called the police Saturday … Continue reading


I am very happy that got this nasty dirty old racist out of a very well respected and elite Association. He does not deserve to own anything nor walk or sit next to any of this men & women of … Continue reading

V. Stiviano says Sterling Is NOT my BOYFRIEND!



Now that it’s known that Clippers Owner Donald Sterling has a wife his suppose girlfriend sources are now saying that V is not his girlfriend! Saying their relationship in fact was and always have been strictly professional. Supposedly Stiviano is claiming she worked as Sterlings “archivist” along with working for a clippers charity for the pass 4 years.

She isn’t titling their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend but Donald’s estranged wife Shelly Sterling is saying different. In fact sources close to Shelly says she has no doubt in her mind that Donald and V were dating.

Ok so now that it has came out that this loser has a wife who’s also caucasian her people want to cover it up like she wasn’t his sugar baby? … if you heard the recording of the conversation NOTHING about the way they were speaking to one another gave me just a professional relationship because she was calling the old racist coon “honey” “sweetie” & “baby” & asking how could she fix this and what can she do and he replied with “nothing all you want to do is fight” & asking V “who would want to live with a woman who always wants to fight” ?  It’s also been reported that he’s given her 4 expensive luxury cars and if you take a peek at her instagram (@vstiviano) you will see all the expensive chanel handbags and hermes birkin bags I’m sorry but a archivist and working for a charity doesn’t pay you enough for several hermes birkin bag and several chanel bags in the large size. Also your boss isn’t going to care what you post to your Instagram. I’m happy that old racist fart got used and sued and she ruined his life of income HE DESERVES IT. So V girl dont be ashamed to say you were his mistress and sugar baby girl none of us knew he had ol shelly girl! I also hope she gets EVERY DIME she’s suing him for!  Take peek at some of her instagram post below!


Top Running Back Chris Johnson Signs Two Year Deal With New York Jets



It didn’t take running back Chris Johnson long to start a new beginning and I knew it wouldn’t he’s an amazing athlete. The Jets’ official website confirmed Johnson signed the contract with the team more than a week after being cut from Tennessee (Whoops Their bad LOL). Johnson’s two year deal is worth a whopping value of $8 million with the yardage incentives that can add him and extra million to the deal. The source who release that information requested to be unknown because the team has yet to announce the terms of his deal. There’s no question about this being a great decision made by the New York Jets and Chris Johnson, we at Stilettos & Hiphop wish Chris a congratulations and a very successful fulfilling season next season. You got the Juice Chris!

Chris & Adrienne Bosh Random Acts of kindness

Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh & wife Adrienne spread around they’re Christmas spirit by doing many acts of kindness. One particular act them giving out Christmas gifts to children. I love to see people who are blessed giving back to those who aren’t as blessed as them. Love this power couple.