Mia Khalifa Goes IN On AJ Green ” YO **** YOU AJ GREEN”




Former adult film star Mia Khalifa goes off on Bengals player AJ Green via Twitter. After he put Jaguars Jalen Ramsey in a head lock and punching him multiple times in his helmet. 

First let me catch youb guys up if you missed Sunday’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was one HIGHLY intense game! Jalen Ramsey 23, gave Cincinnati’s wide receiver AJ Green 29, a really hard push at the end of a play. That sent Green into BEAST MODE grabbing Jalen in a head lock and throwing him to the ground. But AJ wasn’t done he begin punching Ramsey in the helmet and in seconds both teams were BRAWLING! Soon after sports pundit Mia Khalifa took to her twitter to let AJ Green know exactly how she felt about what he did to Jalen Ramsey.


“Yo F*** AJ Green” she wrote. She then follows up with another series of tweets in her rant. “AJ Green sits when he pees. AJ Green loves Lena Dunham. AJ Green is a Hanzo Main. AJ Green doesn’t use an Oxford Comma. AJ Green eats the right Twix first. AJ Green dates girls that sell detox tea.” Clearly Mia was BIG MAD at AJ than the average NFL fan who witnessed a man DEFENDING himself on the field. Mia’s anger stems from her being a Florida State Fan where Ramsey played college football. Too many WOMEN are in their ovaries about a man protecting himself and not allowing someone to continue to put their hands on him. Mia can seriously go sit down somewhere and tell Ramsey this isn’t college this isn’t Florida State you cant put your hands on a grown man and think he’s going to keep walking away. GROW UP, Its a respect thing it’s a keep your hands to yourself and learn how to play clean football. What Ramsey did was absolutely WRONG and anyone who feel the same as MIA can do exactly what she needs to do and stick to their day job.


– Signed the girl in the stilettos.

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