Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” Video Request More Natural Beauty & Death to Photoshop & Cosmetics



Kendrick Lamar’s new hit single, “Humble,” has came at the perfect time. In a week during which two teenage girls were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight for wearing leggings and the Senate voted to block all funding for Planned Parenthood—the rapper released a very powerful message of supporting all women.


In his latest video, which came as a surprise debut on YouTube last night, Lamar, one of the many politically spoken rap artist has taken on racial politics and the entrapment of consumer culture in the past (remember his amazing and powerful performance at last year’s Grammys?), set his attention on the dehumanizing effects of a zeitgeist obsessed with perfection. In his new single Kendrick expresses how he’s tired of the photoshop saying  “I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop,” Lamar raps to a split-screen image of a model retouched to doe-eyed, flawlessly complected perfection on one side before cutting to a closeup of her shapely backside set to the lyrics, “Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks.”


With the trend of plastic surgery, porcelain teeth, hair extensions, and everything having to be artificially flawless I hope that this reaches out to all of our adults and especially our youth. With everyone believing that what they see on instagram is the way of life for likes and designer things. I hope this reaches everyone and they allow it to marinate because I myself have grown tired of it. THANK YOU KENDRICK FOR THIS MESSAGE. With rumors of an upcoming album reaching a crescendo today, something tells us Lamar is just getting warmed up. I can’t wait to hear more! Tell me what you think about this My loves!!

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