“A Night Out With Guccio Gucci”



I haven’t been a fan of the gucci brand due to the high demand of knock offs and the choice of putting their logo on every piece. But as of recently their new collaboration with street artist Gucci Ghost and their change of productivity and not adding their logo on every piece has really gravitated my attention. I really like the new look of Gucci. I fell in love with the new gucci tube socks when I seen the runway show in Paris. I also can’t get over the new look of the signature stripe’s placement on the sweater. The socks are great quality and the sweater is very warm. So I know you want to pick my brain of how I put these pieces together. So I bought the sweater and socks and thought to myself well i live in Hot florida so its either wear the sweater or wear the socks I can’t wear both. But then I start thinking I can wear a cute top with shorts and the socks but I told myself ” No that would be too cliché”. So I spotted a black mini skirt I bought from Saks 5th Avenue by BCBG about 3 years ago. I bought my black stockings/tights from h&m for $9.99 and paired it with the socks and my black Christian Louboutin So Kates for a more chic look. I found my mini bag at forever21 and tied my Gucci silk scarf for a more chic look. I chose the tights because I always feel it makes wearing a mini Skirt a lot more classier. Below is the full details of my  look I hope you guys enjoy this!



DETAILS || Gucci Sweater $750 BCBG Mini Bandage Skirt $138 Gucci Tube socks $95 H&M Hosiery $9.99 Christian Louboutin So Kate $675 Gucci Scarf $420 (No Longer Sold) Forever21 Mini Handbag $20

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