“Pain Is Beauty”: Christian Louboutin “So Kate” 120MM Pumps Review




After being sold out in my size every time I went to purchase them I’ve finally caught the highly sought after Christian Louboutin classic patent leather black “So Kate” pumps. I went in for the nude color but they are sold out until February 2016, so I ended up purchasing the black pair.

I’ll begin with the PRO’s by saying I am IN LOVE 😍 with the style of the shoe. It’s very sexy, chic, and classy. I love that you can wear them with anything because it is such a diverse pump. It will go great with jeans for a date night a dress or formal attire. 

“I Would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say OMG! That looks so comfortable” -Christian Louboutin   


THE CONS: Well MR LOUBOUTIN you outdid yourself on this one 😫 because these babies HURT! I put them on for 2 seconds and was ready to take them off IN THE STORE immediately after I tried them on. The so kate is a single-sole shoe with a VERY narrow 5″ heel that causes your foot to push forward to the toe of the shoe. This caused the ball of my feet to feel like it was on FIRE just walking around trying break them in. The toe area is very tight from the leather so my pinky the fourth and middle toe packed together in the toe of the shoe like vienna sausages. My feet are flat so you can only imagine what it felt like for them to be in such a high arched shoe. 

Even though I went threw all of that I still purchased them because they are so beautiful that I couldnt just leave them. I had to buy them and add them to my closet lol. 

THE CURE: NO FEAR ladies I’ve done my research and have read that their is a CURE for the pain! You can go to your local Neiman Marcus to get these babies STRETCHED on their machine. Then head to Target and purchase a Kiwi Shoe Stretcher for $9.99 to keep the stretch in tact. For the burning of the ball of our feet we can buy the  Dr Scholls Dream Walk Ball Of Foot Cushions to insert inside of the shoes.


I have been as honest as possible in my post and I hope that I was very informative and helpful with your decision of making this purchase because it is well worth the money. I also hope that I’ve helped a shoe lover who already owns this shoe that has struggled with the pain wearing them. I purchased mine at the Neiman Marcus store at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta,GA they are also available online Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump 



One thought on ““Pain Is Beauty”: Christian Louboutin “So Kate” 120MM Pumps Review

  1. Frankly, I disagree with stretching. It’s an indiscriminate process which addresses the problem with a hammer rather than a scalpel. You can end up materially changing the appearance of the shoe and damaging that delicate pointed look that is one of the style’s signature hallmarks.

    It may hurt a bit more, but I recommend wearing the shoes in the home for two or three weeks instead, and limit your exposure to no more than 60 minutes a day. One of the things which may throw you off a bit is that when you first put them on the next day, they will feel almost as tight as they did when you got them. You’ll wonder whether they’re breaking in at all. But they are. You will find that, after a few minutes of walking in them (not just standing or sitting), the toe has started to give, the leather has started to rearrange itself, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Not that it won’t take some time and effort; it will. And there will be pain at times. But you’ll wind up with a great-looking shoe that, after all that work, will fit you properly, a shoe which you will be able to use for reasonable walking after all.

    The bottom line: These shoes do not come out of the box ready-to-wear. It’s a process, a commitment from you to put in the work and the time to make them truly your shoes. And the reward when you finally get there is a great pair of shoes that can be quickly and easily added to your regular wardrobe.

    Good luck!

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