5 Fun At Home Date Night Ideas For Couples



There are couples who don’t like going out because of the crowded restaurants the long wait times and the parking is hard to find. Then there’s couples who go out all the time but sometimes want to stay in but have no idea what to do besides the typical netflix and takeout night. Finally its our honeymooners the fresh new in a relationship who is attached at the hip so they stay in and stay away from friends and family and just enjoy each other’s company. Here’s some fun things for you and your bae to do at home! I hope you guys enjoy!

jetaime1. Plan a Staycation: For all my couples who love to travel but can’t because what ever reason here is an idea for you. A Staycation is perfect and fun for you to create for your girl/guy. I found this idea on thedatingdivas.com named the ” Je t’aime Hotel ” staycation where you create a french hotel right at home as if you were in Paris. This idea is so easy, fun, and low in cost. For instructions on this idea Click the link http://www.thedatingdivas.com/holidays/valentines-day/je-taime-hotel/

spanight2. Spa Night: Pampering are not just for a girls night out at your home but it’s also a great idea for you and your partner. A lot of guys won’t confess to liking a nice facial mask mani and pedi with a good rub down but trust me no one can resist relaxation. Here’s what You’ll need, Aroma therapy candles are my favorite and you’ll want to dim the lights and light some candles for this. Bath and body works have the best aroma therapy candles I would suggest. Then head over to your local drug store or Sephora  and purchase a facial mask for you two’s facials cucumber or stress free facial mask are the best, bath oils for a nice relaxing bubble bath together and massage oil for a relaxing massage. Trust me you two will feel enchanted after a night like this.

foreplay3. Sex Play: Let’s get spicy! Try introducing little sex games and not your average sex games like who ever loses take an item of clothing off or the roller dice or cards. I have a game I like to call Foreplay. Introduce a new character choose what ever name and job title that person has like Carmen the sexy spanish flight attendant or John the sexy fireman or contractor who’s coming to fix something in her house and have amazing sex in the kitchen or in the shower or on the dryer while its on. Sex is always a good idea when you are having a date night at home.

4. couplecookingCook A 3-course-meal together. Head to the grocery store together grab you guys favorite food and her favorite wine. Stay in and cook a romantic 3-course-meal set the table with candles and roses and enjoy nice conversation and a wonderful dinner.

5.couplecommun Communication and keeping each other up to date on new things you like is always a key to having a successful relationship. Sit down and have a long talk about your new interest goals in life and share how each other’s day or week has went highlights etc so you both are on track with one another.

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