Ludacris’ Baby Mother Says Luda isn’t a good father & Eudoxie is the Reason Why!


Tamika Fuller Mother of rapper Ludacris’ 1 year old daughter Cai Bridges who he has custody of isn’t backing away without a fight to get her daughter back. In this latest court development Ms Fuller brings up Ludacris’ new wife Eudoxie’s new pregnancy. In her argument Tamika states that the judge should reconsider giving her custody because luda failed to mention to the judge about his wife’s pregnancy and is a “bad parent” because he uses nannies.


Im a bit confused as to why does Eudoxie’s pregnancy have anything to do with it, in fact a custody battle is focused on the parents of the child. Im sorry but Tamika is getting more and more ignorant by the minute. From harassing Eudoxie on social networks to taking to twitter to lay all of their business out. A mother who is focused on getting her child back isn’t worked up about the pettiness of the child’s father personal life. In my opinion it sounds like Tamika thought she was gonna go from side chick to wifey because she got knocked up on the side or thought she was gonna get paid and it backfired. Sorry boo boo kitty but your case and point isn’t valid. Start focusing on showing the courts why YOU are a fit mother and deserve your child back rather than throwing your child’s father under the bus and showing what he’s doing wrong. What do you guys think about this? Leave Comments Below!

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