Big Sean & Ariana Grande Gets Steamy

OOO LA LA! Singer Ariana Grande & Rapper Big Sean has came out to the world as a couple and aren’t afraid to show off their love and affection for one another anymore. BOTH posting a picture to their instagram profile’s of them in a hot romantic moment back stage at the ‘Very Grammy Christmas’ special filming where they both performed

If you were one to doubt Ariana 21, and Big Sean 26, relationship you were totally WRONG. This fab duo is showing off how much they’re in love with one another to everyone who doubted and made fun of their relationship! Big Sean and Ariana both posted a pic of them sharing a hot intimate moment together today. But two weeks prior the newly couple posted a picture of the two on their way to Ariana’s grandfather’s birthday celebration captioning the picture “on our way to grandps’ celebration of life earlier ” with two purple hearts and tagging her beau and big sean captioning the picture “repost: my baby @arianagrande” so that means he has met the family and have gotten their approval… DEEP. I absolutely think they are adorable and have loved them together since the rumors. She’s so classy and the way Big sean treated his ex fiancé I believe he’s a great catch and will do right by Ariana but lets cross our fingers because these rappers have been acting absolutely crazy lately in relationships. What do you guys think of the duo? Leave comments below! xoxo – The Girl In Stilettos 

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