Selena Gomez Forgives Kendall Jenner After Creeping With Justin Bieber




It’s very surprising to see Selena Gomez Wishing Kendall Jenner a “Happy” Birthday after she caught her sneaking around behind her back with Justin Bieber but I see why she put all ill feelings aside for Kendall and celebrated 19th Birthday with her!


Seriously is every woman in the Kardashian/Jenner family all screwed up? Like do they not have any loyalty or respect to others besides their family? Like why even have friends? Selena Gomez has always stepped out on faith when she goes threw tough times and this situation is no different. After being stabbed in her back multiple times by her best friend at the time Kendall, Selena surprised us all when she was seen celebrating Kendell’s birthday with her. In a recent post to her IG, I found that the reason she was able to forgive her was because of her relationship with God.


Selena Forgives Kendall

On Nov 3 Selena posted a picture up to her instagram account of a inspirational spiritual quote. The caption stating “Psalm 30:5,” which means: “For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”


What a coincyndance that this was the same day that a video was posted to instagram of Selena and super model Cara Delevigne singing Happy Birthday to Kendall. I was a little set back seeing it at first but now it all makes perfect sense to me. She’s always been a girl to put her faith first and that I absolutely love about her so its clear by the psalm scripture she posted she has forgiven her backstabbing ex BFF. It takes a very big woman to do that because thats the biggest code to break in the girl code. You NEVER sleep with your best friend’s boy friend. But look at the family she comes from a family filled with promiscuous, lonely, lost women.


Selena & Kendall’s Long Feud

It all goes back to when Selena, Kendall, & Kylie Jenner all went to Coachella together last summer, when Selena found flirty text messages from them in Justin’s phone. Shady right? It gets shadier keep reading. Justin then was texting Kendall AGAIN while he and Selena were in Paris together. They even went on a lunch date together!

But it looks as if the girls are reunited and have placed the past behind them. I mean they are in their teens and early 20’s no need to stress and fight over a little guy anyway this early. But it is good that Selena learned early to never bring a thirsty thot around your man. LOL


But what do I know? Im just the girl in stilettos dishing you with the latest in hiphop & Hollywood 😘

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