Tyga Disses Drake In New Song “Make It Work”




So as we all know Tyga and Drake are now feuding I wouldn’t dare call this beef because neither to me are what they are trying to portray in my opinion as gangsters. One is dating a teenager while the other is having unprotected sex and threatening washed up instagram strippers and both from safe walks of life… seems that the ones who are really beefing is their entourage but thats for a later post lol… anyways Tyga like most rappers took to the studio to make a new diss record about his ex-label mate.


In the record Tyga says: “Wanna take it there, we can take it there,” …“Why these n***as wanna test me on the low though?” — Tyga raps in his new song,Make It Work. But this wasn’t the only part of the song that added to the fact that he is dissing Drake. He then says “N***a never was my homie, all these b***hes know you’re corny.” wait wait wait Did he just call Drake corny? LOL the pot calling the cattle black much? Isn’t he dating his ex fiancé/baby mother best friend’s baby sister and I place emphasis on BABY lol…


The spat between Drake and Tyga isn’t anything new at all. Drake’s homie chubbs posted an Instagram video exposing Tyga after Tyga called Drake “Fake” In the video Tyga is stating he didn’t grow up too tough his parents had a range rover and they were doing it “big” he’s not really hard but he’s still street…. how does that add up? But moving along… This feud is definitely funny it seems that the entourages are beefing more than the rappers because it seems they are the only one’s putting up a fight. Is it me or is this feud just corny all around the board? What do you all think? Leave Comments Below!




The Stiletto Girl 

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