Kylie Jenner’s New Plumped Lips: Is it Plastic Surgery?

kylie Red Lips


 Well HELLO miss Jenner! My how big your lips are 😍 recently the 17 year old reality star took to new social media app shots to show off her voluptuous red lips with her jet black short hair draped over face showing only her big pouting lips … but are they too big?

 Her luscious red lips are now becoming her new trademark on social media and the beautiful oriental black hair beauty isn’t afraid at all to show them off. Kylie Jenner 17,   is known from a family who believes in cosmetic surgery. Hint: Her parents Bruce and Kris Jenner both who have clearly been under the knife a few times, so has the teen reality star followed her parents footsteps in seeing the family cosmetic surgeon? Comment below what you guys think!

Kylie Jenner’s Big Apple Red Lips

Kylie has matured rather so gracefully yet so sexy and I’m sure none of us seen this coming. One thing about her that stands out the most to us that I’m sure we all love and adore is her gorgeous full lips!




Just like her big sisters Kylie likes to show off her assists in selfies and we all hit that like button. In another picture she posted to her shots account a picture of her licking her red lips captioning the image “When you start to look like a vampire”  yes honey you would bring real sexy to twilight! I don’t know if its the lipstick the liner or good ol lip injections but what I do know is she’s giving all of her sisters a run for their money in the beauty category!

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