USC’s Star Defensive Back Josh Shaw Named In A Burglary…. By His Girlfriend?

josh shaw

Is this the case of what Chris Brown would say ” These H*es ain’t Loyal” ? USC’s star Corner Back Josh Shaw name has come up in a Burglary that took place Saturday night.  

Someone called the police Saturday night and reported a suspicious person going down the side of a building in downtown LA near the USC campus. The person also gave the cops a description of the person. When the cops arrived at the building to investigate. They stop to speak to a woman who lived in the building and gave her the description that they were given then asked her had she seen anyone who fits it the woman said, “Yes, that sounds like my boyfriend Josh Shaw.” Cops took a burglary report even though nothing was reported stolen and in the report it mentioned the connection with Shaw.

Shaw is NOT named as the suspect and when cops spoke to the USC star over the phone he denied ever being at the building… even though his girlfriend lives there. LOL


USC says they are investigating Shaw’s claim that he was saving his nephew Saturday night from drowning and injured his ankles from jumping off of a 2-story building to rescue him… Okay don’t laugh you guys… Okay I couldn’t hold it in I laughed too. Head Coach Steve Sarkisian addressed the accusations saying, “He came to us with what had occurred Saturday night. I have no reason, no history, to not believe Josh and his story with what has occurred.” USC is not letting shaw answer any questions or take any interviews. I can’t wait to see how this plays out! & You know I’m gonna keep you guys updated!



The Stiletto Girl


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