Did Jay Z & Beyoncé Kill The Divorce Rumors?




Last Night Jay Z & Beyoncé tried to kill the divorce rumors at the MTV VMAs but did they do a very good job at it?


Jay Z & their daughter Blue Ivy presented his multi talented wife Beyoncé with her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. But before presenting her with the award Bey with a huge smile and tears in her eyes seemed more excited to see her Blue Blue more than her Beau Beau. Hugging her husband she planted a kiss on her adoring daughter first Beyoncé then turned to her husband to give him a kiss on the lips. But The entire time Beyonce was looking at her daughter and not so her husband. Jay Z seem to be very desperate showing his love and affection for her. How he gazed at her, how he kissed her, and how presented the award. You see people say “oh they are putting up a front for the public”. Well at least they are trying to save their 13 years of being together and isn’t just throwing it away or bashing one another in the public eye. For example Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s current messy situation. People forget that a marriage is between two no one else but them and God. They don’t owe the public anything as far as their personal lives what they owe their fans, us as fans is great music, great performances, and great image to follow behind. They are human just like anyone else they go threw things like anyone else. They don’t maintain some perfect image because they just want to put up front as the “perfect couple” they put up this image to show yes they are going threw things but their bond is tough enough and strong enough to fight for one another and for their marriage. What they have is real nothing fake about it and they are going threw anything the common person is. Give them some slack people they are trying to make things work obviously we always try to make something more than what it is. But tell me what you guys think in the comment below! Did they kill the rumors or you’re not buying it!


The Stiletto Girl 

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