Beyoncé Takes The VMAs 2014

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show



Not Only did she go home with 3 Moonmen in addition to her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award but she performed her entire visual album “Beyonce” in 16 minutes that gave the world LIFE! She empowered her feminism and sexy while still able to maintain her class unlike others who performed last night. Some rolled their eyes at her feminist message but feminism isn’t only about being girly its about being able to be sexy yet leaving some for the imagination and Bey captures that very well in her performances after all she is a married woman who isn’t known for being your average thotpocket. It mind bottles me how they can say some who show up on red carpets naked is a goddess and is a queen but snarled upon Beyonce when she performs in a one piece showing nothing not even cleavage but her curves. Could it be her lyrics? I wouldn’t say is that because we all know she’s talking about her husband and nothing is said when those who make music about a man eating their box who can’t keep a relationship and who has about half the industry under their belt is okay. Hmm so all I can think of is how society is now a days they frown upon women and praise excuse my language wh*res. Yea I’ll blame that one. All in all last night Beyoncé took the show for me her performance was well put together to perfection as always. Her vocals well we all know she has the voice of angels. & her one piece shined like black diamonds. Keep up the fantastic work Bey & Congratulations. 

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