Nicki Minaj’s Dancer Bitten By Boa Constructer During Show Rehearsal




It looks as if Nicki Minaj will be having a few slithery guest joining her tonight as she perform at the VMA’s. It all makes sense why these guest will be making an appearance since her new single is titled, “Anaconda.”

Though having reptiles on stage are sexy it also can come with a bit of trouble!

Saturday, while the Bootylicious Barb was rehearsing for her performance tonight for the MTV VMAs, one of her background dancers has been reportedly bitten by a snake.

A six-foot boa constrictor was allegedly wrapped over the dancer’s shoulders when it sunk its teeth into the inside of her arm.

According to its owners, This is first time in the reptiles’s 15-year career that this has happened.

On The Bright side boa constrictors are non-venomous snakes so her injuries aren’t life threatening. She was still cared for & treated for the bite and taken to the hospital for safety precautions.

MTV reports that the show will go on & you will be seeing the sexy snakes on stage but will not be using the same boa.

With Nicki’s allege performance of “Anaconda” and Beyoncé performing a 15-minute medley of her visual album we’ll be having some serious things to talk about comes Monday!

Who’s watching the MTV VMAs tonight with me?


XoXo- The Stiletto Girl


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