Baby North West Showcases Her First Public Steps In Matching Denim With Mommy Kim

What an awww moment with the most stylish tot right now. Baby north at only 13 months old shows off her first public steps in Grandmother Kris Jenner Hometown of La Jolla, California in stylish distress denim jeans matching mommy Kim in a all denim skirt and button up.

I must admit Kim is my favorite Celeb mom right now you can tell the genuine love and care she has as being a mommy she’s enjoying every second of it. Not only is she having fun styling her daughter to perfection as she does herself but you can see how happy she is being a mother. I absolutely love their connection. Check out all of the photos below from their family outing & leave comments below! xoxo – The Stiletto Girl




Baby North looks like she’s saying Mommy I got it see watch! LOL



I got it mommy I got it she is the most adorable baby ever… She gives me total baby fever! LOL




The Duo was accompanied by auntie Kourtney & her three cousins (Kourt’s strength pregnant and carrying her child is admiring in this picture I love it!)




Grandmother Kris Jenner helps with her grandkids on their family outing


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