Ryan Leslie Cadillac Seized After Non Payment of $1 Million Reward


New York City Marshals seized R&B singer Rapper & Producer  Ryan Leslie’s fully loaded in mint-condition Cadillac Escalade after Ryan failed to pay reward winner Armin Augustein.

Almost a year ago, a judged ordered Ryan to pay the $1 million reward for who ever was to recover his stolen laptop. Leslie refused to pay the fee explaining that the reason is because the music that was once on his laptop was no longer there. Augustein then filed a federal lawsuit in New York City, in which he won. Well Leslie still hasn’t paid up, his car will go up for auction tomorrow Monday September 9 and the proceeds will go to Mr Augustein. His car was seized August 8 nothing else has been seized thus far. Do you think that this is fair? Should he pay up? Comment below your thoughts.

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