Inside Of The Museum

We all know that Jordan Spokesman & Clippers Point Guard Chris Paul’s kick game is on point. We’re FINALLY given just a tease of CP3’s sneaker room ( that once was a BEDROOM  lol) that he refer to as ” The museum”. Courtesy of his beautiful wife jada who took this photo and informs us that this is “only a portion” of what he’s really got. Air Jordan Retros galore, plus a gang of unreleased Air Jordan IV colorways like the recently seen Purple PEs and the Grey ones. It also looks like CP3 got a thing for golf based on the TW’13 sitting at the very end of the table, oh and peep the Air jordan XIII PE on the far left shelf. A full shot is below tell me what you see! 


From Changing Fashion To Changing Diapers Tom Ford Being a new Dad



Tom Ford is a hands on father ( Which makes him even more sexier than he already is LOL). Back in October 2012 the designer announced a surprising new addition to his family, baby boy Alexander John Buckley Ford and has said that he does everything for his son, including changing his diapers.

(“Of course, all the time.”)

“I feed him in the morning, I change his diaper, I dress him, I play with him, and I have a good two or three hours before I go to the office – just me and Jack,” he said, referring to his son by his nickname: (“He has a very long, fancy name – but I call him Jack.”)

The designer also announced his return to the international fashion week schedule and his second largest production of 2013. Tom held his first catwalk show since 2004 last month in London that R&B Pop Bad girl Rihanna inspired a lot of. “Someone I dress a lot and who I admire and adore is Rihanna, and thinking about a lot of looks I was like: ‘Would Rihanna wear this? Would Rihanna wear this?’ It was interesting because I hadn’t done a runway collection in a really long time and it makes you think in a completely different way.” 






Rihanna In A Tom Ford Crocodile Form Fitting Gown At The MetGala  



“Kobe Bryant Accuses Dahntay Jones Of Dirty Play”


After trampling down to the court with a major sprained left ankle that Kobe stated is his worst in the past 13 seasons, the star player could miss some important games to get to the playoffs. Tonight Kobe missed a fadeaway baseline jumper and landed on the foot of Atlanta Hawks defender Dahntay Jones. After x rays came back negative on his ankle Kobe was pissed. He believe it was done purposely by Jones stating “He Jalen Rose me” back in the 2000 NBA Finals he landed on then-Indian Pacers guard and ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose’s foot. Rose admitted on “The Jalen Rose show” back in September that he purposely stepped under Bryant. ” I learned from street ball that if you dont give a player a clean landing you could hurt em a little bit and hurt their chances of playing a little while” Rose said tonight. Im no fan of Kobe but im no fan of purposely hurting someone and playing dirty. I watched the tape over and over just to be clear but if you see when Dahntay Jones landed he places his foot down and walks as Kobe falls down. The two have history of these type of stunts. Back in Game 4 of the 2009 Conference finals when Jones played for the Denver Nuggets he was called for a flagrant foul for tripping Bryant. Jones says it was an accident but no way should he had been underneath Kobe being that the rules changed 2 years ago. You cant walk underneath players as they are coming down its dangerous to the player. I blame the refs and the careless player because their was no foul called and someone playing dirty is just wrong. I hope that Kobe has a speedy recovery and I cant wait to watch him get his revenge. The Lakers are the 8th in the western conference, and are fighting to be in the postseason. Without Kobe in the game they could lose out on that.

The Game Owes Me Millions for Kicking my Ass!!

So for those who dont know much about this let me catch you up. The rapper and bully 40 Glocc aka MR TOUGH GUY got into a beef with rapper The Game and it became physical. The Game beat him up and recorded it then leaked the footage to Youtube. After being embarrassed and humiliated because he’s no longer looked at as a tough guy because he got beat down 40 Glocc files a law suit against him. When he first filed he didnt specify how much he wanted. But now we do, Glocc just filed legal documents wanting 4.54 million and TMZ has found what seems to be the break down for the 4.5 million dollars 40 Glocc feels he’s OWED. I find it pretty funny that someone who went around doing this to others is now hurt because its happen to him its called KARMA! 

Here’s The Breakdown….

— $500,000 in pain and suffering
— $500,000 in emotional distress
— $750,000 in lost earnings
— $2 million for punitive damages
— $25,000 in medical expenses
— Various other stuff