Waka Flocka says “F#ck that N***a Gucci”

It may have been all love between the dipset crew at the “Diplomatic Immunity” anniversary yesterday night in NYC, but during Waka Flocka’s performance he confirms the rumors of an allege falling out with him and rapper Gucci Mane. While performing his verse on Jim Jones “848” record he replaced his line ” Free my brother Gucci ” with “F*ck that nigga Gucci” .

I assume Waka’s anger come from a tweet Gucci made earlier this month stating that Waka had been dropped from his record label 1017 Brick Squad. Shortly after the tweet was created a Warner Bro’s rep made reports that Gucci’s twitter account had been Hacked. I guess we see that, that was a lie. I dont know whats going on with Gucci but the man has lost his mind obviously.

Gucci Recently made the headlines after a physical altercation with FANS. Last week Gucci reportedly HIT a FAN with a CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE at the Atlanta night club Harlem Nights! Also a man has come forward saying that the rapper attacked him as well. I dont know what drug Gucci is on but he needs to put it down, he’s acting like a mad man! The Video of Waka dissing him is down below!

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