Behind The “Chaos”

Last night I got the chance to sit down and chat with the beautiful,funny, talented model and business woman Kyra Chaos. You may know her from drake practice video or the recent cover of Smooth Magazine. She recently launched her new leggings line “Chaos Leggings” and it has went viral NATION WIDE over 24 hours! Her line is VERY unique and made for EVERY woman! She discusses with us what got her into fashion design her father legendary eddie plein the man behind the famous gold grillz and celebrity clientele! STAY TUNED  Keep reading….



Behind The “Chaos”


SNHH: What Got you into fashion designing?

Kyra: When I came up with the whole “leggings” idea I knew I wanted to design leggings that you cant just go find in the store, I wanted everything to be unique!

SNHH: Why did you name your line after your last name?

Kyra: Everyone knows me as “Kyra Chaos” so I wanted to brand “Chaos” – and when you see the  name you know thats my ish! {Laughing}

SNHH: What inspired your collection?

Kyra: Because the name of the line is “Chaos” I wanted everything to have a cute & crazy touch! If you noticed, I used like cute flavor names & such! I wanted everything to look fun!

SNHH: How do you think people look at you now that you’re more than a glamour model/vixen now you’re a clothing designer and business owner?

Kyra: I hope they look at me  &  see you can literally do what ever you want to do! You’re not limited to one thing! Expand, have 2 or 3 hustles!

SNHH: Your father being such a legend and trendsetter himself, him making such a huge mark in the music industry, do you feel like its a lot of pressure on you now?

Kyra: No, not at all. Daddy did it,I’m up next! I be stuntin’ like my daddy!

SNHH: How far do you want to take your line?

Kyra: To the moon,to the stars! {Laughing} nah, maybe after awhile i’ll expand to other things such as dresses & tops etc. But right now leggings are my thing! Its so fun to come up with different fun looks with them! We shall see! Stay tuned!

SNHH: Will we be seeing any celebrities in your line?

Kyra: Of Course! Models & singers! Stay Tuned!

SNHH: We’re excited to see, Is their anything you’d like to say to women who’s trying to reach the success level you are at today?

Kyra: Go Hard!!! Don’t settle! Have a plan, stick with it!!!! You can do ANYTHING you want to do. Sounds Cliche’, but im living proof!

SNHH: Yes you are. We’ve seen you grow from smooth girl and show lingerie black to now owner and fashion designer of a prestigious up in coming clothing line. We see you gaining so much success and we are proud you have our full support.

Kyra: Thank you so much! Thank you for featuring me as well. I really appreciate the love & support!



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