Shaq’s New Girlfriend?


Well it looks as if Shaq is quite okay after the breakup with long time girlfriend Hoopz! Him & his new boo were spotted at Club LIV in Miami having a ball! Just a week ago Hoopz announced the break up to the public. But this isn’t anything new for Shaq look how quick he got into a relationship with Hoopz after his divorce with his ex wife shani! But we can all agree that he has upgraded This woman is beautiful dont get me wrong Hoopz is gorgeous but this woman looks more in his lead. Let’s see how long this shall last.

Congratulations Nicole & Jionni


Snooki and her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, welcomed their baby boy into the world a little before 3 a.m. This morning (August 26)…

…A rep for Polizzi told MTV, “The world just got another Guido!!! Lorenzo Dominic LaValle has entered the world weighing 6lbs, 5oz. Nicole, Jionni & Enzo are doing great!”

Nicole “Snooki” Palizzi is a star on Jersey Shore, a reality show on MTV. The huge success is now entering its sixth season.

” I spot Chaos “


Glamour Model Amazin Amie glammed up last night wearing her fabulous Chaos Leggings by Kyra Chaos
Hair in a neat classy bun with a black pump last night with her BFF model & vixen Model bubbles who’s rocking a gorgeous tight fitted black one piece decordon body suit by Delicia Cordon.

To get both ladies looks go order amie’s leggings at & for bubbles body suit!


Lebron James or Michael Jordan?


Wade spoke to during a promotional event for his Wade’s World Foundation and expressed how he felt about the Lebron James and Michael Jordan comparison. Wade stated

“I don’t know if (James) has the ability to surpass (Jordan) or not, That’s yet to be seen. My version as LeBron being on par with Michael is this: They’re both on the golf course. Michael’s on the 18th hole. LeBron is somewhere on like the fourth hole. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s on par to get to the 18th hole.

“I think everyone knows that (James) is a phenomenal, phenomenal player. He’s one that we haven’t seen, with the makeup of a 6-8 guy who runs as fast as any point guard, jumps as high as any center, and has the ability that he has to do so many things. But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, that’s who everyone shoots for. So it’s going to be hard to surpass that.”

I honestly don’t think that the two can be compared. They have two different styles of playing. I never really understood why they ever compared lebron to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. I feel Lebron is in the road to become a legend in his OWN light. That’s just my opinion tell me what you guys think!

“The Glitz & Glam”

“The Woman Of Glitz & Glam “


A couple days ago I got to talk with a friend of mine who i consider a sister and very respected woman and hustler Keyshia Ka’oir formely Keyshia Dior. Our conversation wasnt for long because she’s always grinding and on the go. But she talk to me about her new body suit line “Ka’oir Kouture” and the creative mind of her new released lipstick the “Glitz stick”. It feels like it was just yesterday we were on our way out to Club Play in Miami and she tells me ” Sis im wearing blue lipstick tonight” I responded only YOU would be bold enough to do this. Since i’ve known keyshia she’s ALWAYS been creative and always had her mind set on being a BOSS. Now today she’s a business owner of a top selling cosmetics line that you can find on the faces of pop legends like lady gaga to  hot hiphop artist trina to super reality star snookie! Read on for our one on one chat!




SNHH:What Inspired you to add the Glitzstick?

Keyshia: I added the Glitzstick Collection to my KA’OIR brand because I wanted something new. Plus it’s super dope! When I first wore it, I fell in love so I knew immediately my customers & fans would too.

SNHH: Your lipstick is very BOLD and most women don’t feel they can’t pull off the look what would you tell the women who feel this way?

Keyshia: I always tell anyone that’s scared to wear my bold line, that they must be confident to pull off KA’OIR. You cannot be scared. My brand is for the bold & confident trendsetters.

SNHH: I know you’ve spoken about creating a body suit line have you put that in the works yet?

Keyshia: Yes! KA’OIR Kouture is definitely in the works I’m reviewing samples as we speak

SNHH: What next can we expect next from Keyshia Ka’oir?

Keyshia:  Everything.. LOL. I just did a show in LA called the HUSTLE, which will premiere in the fall on Fuse. I’m just constantly grinding & staying focused.





“The Lebron X “




Are our sneaker heads ready for a $300 sneaker? Will the Market get tested when the Lebron X sneaker is released later this year?


The Wall Street Journal reported that a Nike Plus-enabled version of the shoe — that has motion sensors in the shoe to track various metrics including how high the player jumps will retail for $315. Although Matt Powell, an analyst for market retail tracking firm SportsOneSource, tells ESPN that he believes the price will be $290.

I personally dont think it will be a big deal being that guys are going out and buying foam posites for $280-300. But these sneakers arent to just walk around for a fashion trend EVEN THO society will make it lol these sneakers are for BASKETBALL PLAYERS so they can see how high they jump and improve their moves.

“Kiss The Ring”

DJ Khaled Releases His Album kiss the Ring today! I for one havent heard tracks like these in a very long time!! Tell me what you think in a comment below about the highly anticipated album!!


Track List

1. “Shout Out to the Real” (Feat. Meek Mill, Ace Hood and Plies) (Produced by Jahlil Beats/Co-Produced by DJ Khaled)
2. “Bitches & Bottles (Let’s Get It Started)” (Feat. Lil Wayne, T.I. and Future) (Produced by Mike Will)
3. “I Wish You Would” (Feat. Kanye West and Rick Ross) (Produced by Hit Boy)
4. “Take It to the Head” (Feat. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne) (Produced by The Runners/Co-Produced by DJ Khaled)
5. “They Ready” (Feat. J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar) (Produced by J. Cole)
6. “I’m So Blessed” (Feat. Big Sean, Ace Hood, Wiz Khalifa and T-Pain) (Produced by K.E./Co-Produced by DJ Khaled)
7. ” Hip Hop” (Feat. Scarface, Nas and DJ Premier) (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Scratchesby DJ Premier)
8. “I Did It for My Dawgz” (Feat. Rick Ross, French Montana, Meek Mill and Jadakiss) (Produced by Beat Bully)
9. “I Don’t See Em” (Feat. Birdman, Ace Hood and 2 Chainz) (Produced by Detail)
10. “Don’t Pay 4 It” (Feat. Wale, Tyga, Mack Maine and Kirko Bangz) (Produced by The Runners)
11. “Suicidal Thoughts” (Feat. Mavado) (Produced by Boi-1Da)
12. “Outro (They Don’t Want War)” (Feat. Ace Hood) (Produced by DJ Toomp)

Bonus tracks:

13. “Don’t Get Me Started” – Ace Hood
14. “Aktion Pak” – Mavado
15. “B Boyz” – Birdman Feat. DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood, and Mack Maine

DOWNLOAD Dj Khaled “Kiss The Ring” album TODAY on ITUNES or purchase it in stores!!!